A rewarding health food community with Blush Lane

November 12, 2020

Fresh ingredients may not seem hard to come by when all it takes is visiting a grocery store. But for Blush Lane Organic Market, their commitment to good healthy food goes back several steps before hitting store shelves. 

From quite literally under the ground, Blush Lane supports local farmers to provide Canadians with the highest quality selection of organic food and wellness products. Just as they’re invested in supporting a community of local growers, we share the goal to positively impact on our own communities.

At Neo, we partner with some of Canada’s most adored brands who forge an even stronger sense of connectivity through every neighbourhood they enrich. We’re excited to partner with Blush Lane, who deeply appreciates the connections made from the very roots of our food, to the people who cultivate them and serve us.

From farm to table

Founders Rob and Zenya Horricks first opened up shop with the original Calgary Farmers’ Market on the Currie Barracks in 2004. Now, with a total of five locations across Calgary and Edmonton, they’re giving Albertans a healthier life by sourcing responsibly grown products from local orchards and farms.

Blush Lane’s overriding passion for food stems from their love for the earth, our differences, and our community. They honour fair and honest work between them and their sustainable agriculture partners. 

The majority of their produce is Certified Organic, which contains no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, dyes or irradiation. Their belief is to grow produce that’s in harmony with the native land, water and air.

Even beyond filling our bellies with nutritious foods, Blush Lane provides customers with natural alternatives for everyday use. Health and body care products including vitamins, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and natural soaps and deodorant that’s clean and gentle on our bodies.

More rewarding healthy lifestyles

Now, your visits to Blush Lane will be even more rewarding. At Neo, we saw an opportunity to reward Blush Lane customers when they support their organic and health food community by shopping local. We’ve partnered with them so you can earn exclusive offers and personalized cashback rewards on fresh, organic ingredients when you pay with Neo.

Learn more about Neo Rewards and how you can redeem exclusive offers when you spend at our partnered stores, including Blush Lane in Calgary and Edmonton, and many other brands.