Get ready and rewarded, Calgary

November 12, 2020

Calgary is home to the legendary Stampede, where ginger beef and the Caesar were invented, and now–over 500 local businesses you can earn rewards from with Neo. And that’s just to start! 

We’re now ready to provide early access to Neo Financial with people in our hometown, empowering Calgarians with the tools and knowledge they need to earn more from their money, and get rewarded every day. 

We’ve partnered with some of the most beloved brands as well as up and coming businesses in the city. Our partnered stores can be found in every quadrant of Calgary, including popular shopping districts and notable neighbourhoods like 17th Ave, Kensington, Inglewood, and of course, our downtown core.

Calgarians can now better grow and manage their money with next-gen spending, savings and rewards, all from one card. 

Rewards you can’t get anywhere else

A fresh loaf of bread from Sidewalk Citizen, working up a sweat at HotShop Yoga, and sinking your teeth into the menu at Tuk Tuk Thai are just a few of the perks up for grabs when you pay with Neo. The Neo Mastercard ties together exclusive offers that are automatically redeemed from all the places you love.

We’re partnered with hundreds of local businesses in Calgary to deliver personalized rewards that you just can’t get anywhere else. Grab your favourite slice of pizza from Blowers and Grafton, play your heart out with board games at Hexagon, or just indulge in that luxurious face oil you’ve been eyeing from Velvette.

You don’t need to wait for a more rewarding reason to support the local  businesses that are uniquely Calgary. And you’ll never need to think about carrying another loyalty card or one-off rewards app again. 

Discovering amazing Calgary rewards are all done through the Neo app. Simply pull up the Neo Rewards map from your phone to discover offers in your area. You can also search by store name or by a category, such as sushi or coffee closest to you, and throughout the city.

You’ll automatically redeem these offers and earn rewards in-person when you’re on the go, or can order online from select Calgary businesses when you just don’t feel like leaving the house. 

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our many Calgary partners, who can’t wait to reward you. 

Coffee and treats

Earn up to 20% off at cafes and bakeries like Monogram, Deville and Jelly Modern Doughnuts.

Food and drink 

Earn up to 15% off at restaurants and bars like GlobeFish and Blue Star Diner.

Beer, wine and liquor 

Earn up to 10% off at liquor stores like Uptown Liquor, Bridgeland Distillery and Big Rock Brewery.


Earn up to 10% off at grocery stores like Sunterra, Blush Lane and Lina’s Italian Market.


Earn up to 5% off at gas stations like Gas Plus.


Earn up to 10% off at pharmacies like Pharmasave, The Medicine Shoppe and Remedy’sRX.

Online Shopping 

Earn up to 15% off online shopping at e-commerce stores like Clearly, Callia and Leafify.


Earn up to 20% off at places like The Locked Room, Axe Games and Archery Games.

Check out more of our Calgary partnered stores and rewards offers

With over 500 local stores to choose from in neighborhoods around Calgary to meet your every need,  you’ll earn more from your every day - the way it should be. 

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