Finally, a credit card that encourages customers to spend locally.

Neo builds customized incentives for your business to attract new customers and keep them coming back.
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Thousands of Canadian
businesses love Neo

Gain new customers

By partnering with Neo, gain exposure to thousands of customers and increase sales through personalized customer incentives.

Turn casual customers into regulars

By knowing what customers have spent with you historically, Neo differentiates new customers from occasional and loyal customers and targets them accordingly.

Keep your customers coming back

Neo instantly re-engages your customers to come back and spend at your business.

Neo makes it easy to work together

Get started in minutes

We move at your speed. Our team can get you up and running on Neo in 15 minutes.

Business as usual

Keep doing what you're doing. No new software, hardware or changes to your POS and payment processor.

No fees or commissions

No changes to your day-to-day operations. 100% of funded rewards go to your customers and 100% of revenue stays with you.

How it works


15 minute, hands-off setup

Simple sign-up process with no long term contracts. We do the work so you can stay focused on your business.


Neo creates personalized offers for your business

We build offers unique to your business, which adapts over time to drive additional sales.


We recommend your business to likely customers

Neo identifies valuable customers to target and promote your business. We use personalization to deliver the right incentives to your customers at the right time.


You measure your growth

Real-time dashboards allow you to track revenue, ROI and better understand your customers.


Hands-free operations

No staff training or changes to your regular operations. The platform runs in the background, bringing you incremental profit automatically.

See the results

Track metrics

Measure ROI and engagement in real-time, at an overview or detailed level.

Share of wallet

Understand where customers spend, including with competitors.

16x ROI

Experience a high average return on investment completely on auto-pilot.
Showcase your brand to millions of Hudson’s Bay customers by partnering with Neo.
Hudson’s Bay and Neo Financial are teaming up to bring Canadians a new, digitally-integrated Hudson’s Bay Mastercard that will enhance the customer experience and better reward their lifestyle.
Partnering with a Canadian company, built on innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, will help us deliver a better shopping experience to Hudson’s Bay customers and, in fact, reward them as they shop with us.”

— Iain Nairn, President and CEO, Hudson’s Bay

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Bird Canada

"To me, Neo seems like the best step for understanding customer behaviour. It was really straightforward to get up and running, and the support teams have been tremendous in making sure I'm getting the most from the platform and that I'm really understanding what our customers need and want from our product. Through Neo, I can make better decisions for my business that ultimately add more value and bring me closer to my customers."
Alex Petre
General Manager

“Through Neo, I gain access to unique insights, which help me better understand my customers, their buying habits which helps me make better decisions for my business.”
Arndrea Scott
Director of Marketing

Sidewalk Citizen

“Neo combines personalized marketing with a reward program and allows me, as a business owner, to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and adjust it accordingly so we can make the most out of it.”
Aviv Fried

BK Liquor

“The ease and simplicity in which I was able to get started and see immediate returns was remarkable. I like that I'm able to grow revenue through Neo without adding another thing to my plate. I didn't need to get a new machine, train my staff, or really change anything about the way I run my business day-to-day."
Sunny Kullar
Brand Manager

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Who is Neo partnered with?

Neo is partnered with thousands of local and national businesses, including most major gas and grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, coffee shops and more.

What does the Neo merchant program cost?

Neo does not charge our merchant partners any fees, commissions, or sign-up fees.

Do I need a new payment processor?

No! If you already accept credit cards you have everything you need to get started.

How do I get started?

Fill out our Merchant Partner form and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

How do I monitor the success of the program?

You can login to your merchant portal at any time to monitor the results of your Neo program. We also have a team of dedicated account managers to help you grow your business.

How do I get more customers to pay with Neo cards?

You can contact our account management team at any time at to reach out about marketing opportunities. We also have a merchant to customer referral program!

Can I get help promoting my business?

Yes, our dedicated merchant partner marketing team is here to support you to grow your business.