Adopting AI for speed, security, and impact

Neo is a fast mover in purposefully designing our technology for AI data availability and rapid adoption, unlocking a number of advantages.

AI Adoption

Accelerating development velocity and quality

Copilot is being leveraged to drive a 15% acceleration in development cycles. AI-generated testing code has accelerated delivery and quality of Neo software teams with test coverage up to 10%.

De-risking releases and increasing and reliability

Neo uses AI to generate test data, helping teams de-risk releases.

Advancing security and reducing vulnerabilities

Pressure testing systems for vulnerabilities on a proactive basis. Leveraged to triage vulnerability reports and to scan code for security flaws for rapid solutioning.

Empowering customer success

Neo leverages OpenAI’s large language models to power self-serve support, delivering value faster to customers. Chatbot-based interactions now account for 45% of all customer conversations.

Ready for the future?

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