Your AI-powered Assistant

Understand your spending habits and build effective savings strategies, while securely leveraging AI to do it all faster and easier.

Effortless budgeting via smart insights

Take the hassle out of budgeting and easily see where your money is going with real-time data visualizations and the ability to query your transaction history.
Level-up your financial knowledge

Level-up your financial knowledge

Learn more about your money, more easily than ever before. Ask Neo AI financial questions to boost your understanding and confidence in personal money matters.

Personalized savings opportunities

Quickly discover the best rewards and offers, tailored to where and how you shop, thanks to an assist from AI.

Become the expert on your money

Track your spending and learn your habits with Insights.

¹ Neo AI is an educational tool and shouldn't be used as a source of financial advice, answers provided by Neo AI may not always be accurate