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JA Canada is proud to partner with Neo Financial™ to provide you with answers to your money questions and support your journey to financial independence. JA learning experiences are designed to inspire people like you, to discover your potential, set life goals and succeed.

Your Money Questions, Answered

Bite-sized learning from the experts at JA, breaking down everything you need to know about your finances.
Introduction to payment methodsDive into this introductory digital learning experience and discover how to pay for things! Differentiate between various payment methods and discover how to make informed decisions when choosing a payment method.
Debit & Prepaid CardsLearn about debit and prepaid cards and unlock the secrets of responsible spending, understand daily limits and how to set up automatic payments. Discover how you can successfully manage transactions, protect against fraud, and manage card settings to your preferences with this method of payment.
Sending & Receiving MoneyUnlock the power of INTERAC e-Transfer® in this interactive learning experience! Learn to send money, choose between email or text notifications, and explore Autodeposit – all from your mobile device! You’ll also find out how to safeguard transactions with passwords and master the steps for secure, swift transfers.
Mobile WalletsExplore the world of seamless transactions with mobile wallets! Learn how to securely link cards, make purchases without physical cards, and enjoy real-time tracking. Master the steps and weigh the pros and cons of this digital payment method.
CashDiscover the ins and outs of paying with cash! Understand when and how to use cash safely, and learn about the potential risks and advantages of this classic payment method. Navigate the world of cash payments and feel empowered to make informed choices.
Gift CardsExplore the versatility of gift cards, from reloadable options to digital versions. Gain practical insights and explore the advantages and limitations of this payment method to feel confident when paying with gift cards.
Credit CardsExplore credit card basics! Be introduced to the concepts of interest charges, credit limits and borrowing responsibly. Navigate the potential risks, like overspending, while understanding the benefits of this widely accepted payment method.
Put Your Money Smarts to the Test!Put your learning to the test about the diverse world of payment methods. Wrap up with a few interactive activities to show what you know about making informed payment decisions in any situation.
Bring your learning to life with the JA Money card—powered by NeoThe debit card alternative designed to bring the best practices in JA’s teachings to life. The JA Money card equips you with tools to build money independence, with no monthly fees, instant rewards, and advanced security features. Sign up from your phone or laptop in only 3 minutes!
Meet the JA Money Card

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The JA Money card is a prepaid Mastercard® issued by Neo Financial pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. The JA Money card is powered by the Neo Everyday account, which is provided by Peoples Bank of Canada.¹ Account only available to Canadian residents. You must be at least 13 years of age if you reside outside of Quebec; if you reside in Quebec you must be at least 14 years of age.