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What our customers have to say about us!

Love the rewards. Love this app. Easy to use, fast transactions and love the notifications when you're close to your limit, fraud detection, etc. Super smart credit card for Canadians. Finally!

Micki C.


The card is great – tons of cash back rewards at local businesses, really intuitive and helpful messaging about your credit, etc. And the app is awesome too, rewards map/search, granular card management, etc., that I've never seen for another credit card.

G. Jones


This is the best app and credit card service I've used. The layout is so aesthetically pleasing, the technology and the ease of use is so seamless. I can save money with an interest account, I can pay my credit card whenever I want and it's applied in real time… I get lots of cash back. I love this app and highly recommend it.

Sironika K.