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Goal-based investing at your fingertips

Our personalized, goal-based investment portfolios are actively managed by professionals to help you plan for whatever is next.

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Neo Invest–powered by OneVest

Not all your eggs are in one basket

Get VIP access to exclusive and alternative investments.

Access up to 3x more innovative investment products to boost diversification and potential returns. Having different asset classes and investment strategies gives you multiple sources of returns, helps balance portfolio risk and return, and protects you from sudden market changes.

Set it and forget it

Our experts actively monitor the market and will adjust your portfolio over time to help you reach your goals. This helps to stabilize your portfolio when the market fluctuates, or even to increase returns when opportunities arise.

Choose your own path

Get the right account that fits your goals and we'll make sure you're set up for success in the long term—or for whenever you need the money.


Invest using a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) and never pay taxes on your withdrawals. No penalty. No tax. Just stay within the contribution limits.

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Contribute to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) account to reduce your taxable income. There’s several ways to leverage this account while considering the limits and tax deductions on withdrawals.

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Perfect if you want non-registered investments with less restrictions or if you’ve hit your contribution limits within your RRSP. As long as you’re paying yourself first, it’s a win.

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Investing made easy

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Getting to know you

Investing is not a one-size-fits-all situation. That’s why we ask about you and your goals to create a curated investment portfolio just for you.


Start investing

Add new funds (or transfer your existing investments) into your new portfolio. Get started with as little as $1.


Sit back, we got the rest

We take care of the investments, you take care of being you. Of course you can check in on your investments and make changes anytime you want.

Set up for success

Recurring deposits to the rescue

Automatically invest every week or month and reach your goals without lifting a finger.

Track your progress

View projections against your goals and confirm you’re on track.

Get started with as little as $1.

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